Announcing our rebrand. Learn about our new identity and our mission to reimagine the legal department.


Shaping the future of legal work.

Modernise your legal department. Redefine its value.


A history of reinventing legal work.

Since 2018, we have transformed over 150 in-house legal departments from cost centres to value drivers.

Before Counselect, legal departments were cornered in a binary world, trapped between costly outsourcing and cumbersome in-house management.

Through our flagship talent solutions, we have pioneered a third way. By combining top-tier legal expertise with the cohesion of an in-house team, we’ve helped our clients get the best of both worlds.


On a mission to modernise the legal function.

Legal is being pulled in different directions.

With rising complexity, businesses rely on their legal departments to protect them from emerging risks. The core role of legal has never been more critical.

Paradoxically, we see legal departments facing mounting pressures to transcend their traditional roles and contribute proactively to business growth.

To address this dual pressure, we must go beyond a piecemeal approach to innovation.

That’s why we’ve gone back to the drawing board and reimagined our approach. Today, we offer an integrated set of solutions that embody a holistic yet nimble view of legal innovation, designed to transform legal departments into drivers of strategic value.

What sets us apart


On the Frontlines

We have an insider view of the challenges legal teams face everyday, and know what it takes to drive genuine innovation.


Experienced Leadership

Our leaders are proven innovators in the legal industry, and are committed to meaningful, long-term change.


Ecosystem Outlook

We love it when everyone grows together, and we’re constantly finding ways to create know-how with clients, peers, and partners.



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