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Gen AI in enterprise legal: Ritvik Lukose weighs in

27 March 2024


In an article by The Ken, Ritvik Lukose, Co-founder & Director of Counselect, shares his views on the adoption of Generative AI in the legal sector. The piece discusses the use and adoption of Gen AI in law firms and in-house departments, and its potential in disrupting business as usual.

Reflecting on the trajectory of in-house legal teams, especially their rise to prominence following the financial crisis of 2009, Lukose notes the significant changes and challenges the sector has since faced.

“Legal tech emerged in the 2010s as a saviour for beleaguered lawyers seeking speed and efficiency”, he adds.

Ritvik also highlights the need for a responsible and informed approach while adopting AI, highlighting the ongoing efforts to address challenges such as preserving attorney-client privilege.

Read the article on The Ken, or reach out to him for a more detailed discussion.

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