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Vaishali Gopal on managing change in legal departments

27 March 2024

Vaishali Gopal, Counselect’s Vice President, Integrated solutions spoke at the Dubai Legal Ops & Tech Summit as part of a panel titled “Levelling Up Your Change Management”

The panel discussed strategies for driving change in legal departments and law firms. Key topics included the role of empathy in embracing change, shifting mindsets, and empowering teams.

Vaishali underscored the significance of “context” in change management, advocating for transparency and empowerment within teams. “Be transparent with your team about what the starting line is and how it was envisioned. Open it up to questions and allow them to decide how they will play a role in that transformation,” she remarked.

“Let the conversation be about empowerment and not imposition,” she added.

Read her LinkedIn post where she shares her experience at the summit, or reach out to her for a detailed discussion.

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