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Shefali Tanna

Shefali Tanna

Senior Consultant, Talent solutions

At Counselect, Shefali leverages a strong background in research and legal recruitment consulting to expand the talent solutions offering, especially with mid- to senior-level talent. Shefali plays a key role in our BD initiatives, where she contributes to workstreams from pitching to closing.

Previously, Shefali was a Research Consultant at our affiliate firm Vahura. There, she honed her skills in gathering and analysing information and trends across the legal, compliance, and governance landscapes.

Prior to joining Vahura, Shefali served as an Associate at Bathiya Legal, specialising in Company Secretary, Chartered Accountancy, and legal services.

She holds degrees from Jitendra Chauhan College of Law and Raheja College, and a certification from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

“When I reimagine a legal department, what I hope for — more than anything — is a culture of innovation that transcends geographical boundaries and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and all sorts of skills, making space for every unique perspective.”